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Ian Harris


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10 more things you should know about European ecommerce

Last month I wrote a blog about the 10 things you should know about European ecommerce, but such a huge topic comprised of dozens of different markets can’t be summarised in just 10 points so here are some more things you need to know about...

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10 Things You Should Know About European ecommerce

Selling online internationally requires more than a one-size-fits-all global strategy, you need to localise your approach to each individual country and market. However before you attempt to market or advertise to these global audiences you need...

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Creative Content - Key to Successful Content Marketing

If you have attended any digital marketing or SEO conference this year then you will no doubt be familiar with the term ‘content marketing’. You’ll probably be more than familiar with it in fact – sick of hearing it is likely a more apt...

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How to Successfully Run Multilingual Campaigns

Multilingual search engine marketing can be a minefield, with countless hidden pitfalls that can bring down your campaign at any time. But for those with the expertise to successfully negotiate these dangers the rewards can be extremely...

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