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The Download, Episode 6: 2021 Consumer Trends Report

March 2021

The Download

Duration: 19:17

Opportunity is here, the road to economic recovery is happening all around us.

In this episode 6 of The Download, 2021 Consumer Trends Report, we look at:

  • Microsoft Advertising Insights on our 2021 Consumer Trends Report. We dive deep into tangible opportunities and key takeaways for Financial Services businesses.
  • The Inclusive Marketing Lab with MJ DePalma keeps things moving forward! This time she speaks with Laura Collins, VP Head of Media at Merkle, and Trailblazer of the Year winner Richard Lewis of Merkle UK, about how to approach all aspects of a campaign in an inclusive way, using spreadsheets to make sure you’re asking yourself all the necessary questions.
  • Another fun filled fact product popup focusing on more interesting facts on Microsoft Bing. Search Evangelist John Lee dives deep into seasonal segments, Dynamic Remarketing for non-retail businesses and springtime activities that will help your business bloom.
  • An interview with the authors of the book Rare Breed.
  • Elevate is coming April 21 and 22! Learn more and get ready to register.

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