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The Download video series, Episode 1: Business recovery

September 2020

The Download

Duration: 27:35

In 2020 we have witnessed more change this year than in possibly the past 40 years. And with rapid change comes new ways to understand how to navigate, re-think and re-invent. Design is a vehicle to communicate what a brand is about. At Microsoft Advertising, we know you may not have all of the time to dedicate to learning about our advertising products, culture, insights and brand as you might with competing products and services. We know you want information where we tell you what you want when you want it. So, we think it’s easiest to take the large amount of information we have and create a digestible format for you to stay up on our brand, thought leadership, product and business culture.

In Episode 1 of The Download video series from Microsoft Advertising, we talk about the theme of business recovery. In this episode, we speak with Afdhel Aziz, co-author of the book, “Good is the New Cool” on how businesses are using purpose to drive business results. Other guests in this episode include our colleague MJ DePalma and Heidi Cooley, Global Head of Marketing for footwear brand Crocs.

Watch The Download, Episode 1 on business recovery now. For more episodes and content, explore The Download hub. Explore the latest insights and learn cutting-edge search engine marketing strategies with more webcasts & videos from Microsoft Advertising.