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Paid search specialist is storming the French market

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Award-winning Ad’s up is a jewel in the Bing Ads crown

It all Ad’s up for SEM agency

The Ad’s up team

The Ad’s up team

Ad’s up is a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) agency specializing in paid search campaigns. Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Paris, the business was named French SMB Agency of the Year in 2016. It is ranked #1 of companies with the most Bing Ads accredited employees in France.

The award validates the reputation of Ad’s up as an SEM and Bing Ads expert. The agency’s relationship with Bing Ads has remained strong for a number of years, with five new accounts being generated every month. In fact, more than half of the agency’s 300 clients are currently using Bing Ads, a figure which is up four times the level it was in 2014.

The agency’s 30-strong team, which is made up largely of traffic managers, serves a broad range of clients from startups to large accounts. The clients include a number of well-known brands, as well as retailers, B2B services and B2C clients across 35 industries.

Guillaume Neyret, the agency’s quality SEM manager, has been with the business from the beginning and loves the challenges that SEM presents. “No year is like the previous in the business,” he explains. “This therefore requires a good sense of adaptability. The Bing Ads team is a great partner in helping us to achieve our goals in that respect.”

We get introduced to regular updates, such as Bing Shopping Campaigns, these enable the business to deliver a far better service to existing and potential customers.

Alexandre Pasquiou, Ad’s up traffic manager

Meeting challenges

Ad’s up is fully committed to helping clients reach their audience in the best possible ways. The agency balances its activities across search engines and social media. This ensures it always reaches people with the precision required to move them along the path to purchase.

“Generating as much business as possible for customers remains the challenge,” says Neyret, “which is why Ad’s up leverages all key SEM tools and services available and does not focus on one single platform only. We have to be adaptable.”

Bing Ads has played an important part in fulfilling the needs of the client portfolio over the past three years. “The success of our campaigns is largely down to our ability to pinpoint particular audiences depending on the needs of our clients,” says Neyret. “Through working with the Bing Ads team to understand how we can utilize emerging technologies to improve our campaign precision and adapt accordingly, we have been able to constantly evolve our approach and deliver huge value to our customers.”

In the past year, the Bing Ads relationship has proved to be particularly successful with the introduction of new features such as Bing Shopping Campaigns, which has helped some of the agency’s e-commerce clients increase their monthly sales between 10 and 20%.

Celebrating success

Ad’s up datatable

According to metrics for the agency’s top 20 clients, the cost per click is typically three times lower with Bing Ads than other leading search advertising platforms. The click-through rate is usually two times higher with Bing Ads campaigns, delivering a 10% higher conversion rate across the board.

ROI is definitely stronger with Bing Ads because the competition is not as fierce on the Bing Network compared with other leading search engines. Bing Ads costs are typically lower, with invested budgets usually five to 10 times lower than other alternatives.

There are a number of Bing Ads success stories across the Ad’s up portfolio of clients, but the agency is particularly proud of its work with Ticketac. Comparing May 1, 2014, to April 30, 2015, with the same period in 2016, clicks increased by 74%, reducing the cost per acquisition by 41% with Bing Ads. The company also saw the conversion rate increase by 24%, which returned a 116% increase in total conversions.

Aside from the results, Ad’s up benefits from highly personalised support. “The Bing Ads team is always on hand every day to answer any questions we have and to fix any issues that arise,” explains Alexandre Pasquiou, a traffic manager at Ad’s up.

Neyret adds, “Our account manager personally visits us each quarter and takes the time to explain to us the challenges we are facing. That really impresses me. These sessions introduce us to new features, which we often adopt and use in our client campaigns — often with great success.”

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