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vidaXL meets rising demand and outpaces competition with Microsoft Advertising

Learn all about how vidaXL boosted its search and digital marketing strategy to reach new customers, meet the surge in demand for its products, and drive growth in an increasingly competitive market with the help of Search Campaigns, Shopping Campaigns, and Dynamic Search Ads.

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Gain access to a large addressable audience on the platforms they visit regularly

More than a billion people use Microsoft’s extended network for work and personal tasks, including Microsoft News, Bing, Edge, and, and partners AOL, Yahoo, CBS Interactive, Wall Street Journal, and Forbes.


purchased an online product or service in the last week


are under the age of 45


have a household income in the top 25%

27 million

unique desktop searchers on the Microsoft Search Network

Connect with shoppers who are ready to engage and transact

Reach people in a task-oriented mindset who have a higher buying power, spend more online, and are more likely to engage with ads to try new offers.

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Sembot cracks retail market with 1550% ROAS

Discover how this Polish software company achieved an incredible 79% share of voice and a 1550% return on ad spend in a 30-day period with Microsoft Advertising as well as how the Workday Consumer played a part in all of this.

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Myntra optimizes Microsoft Advertising campaign to achieve 40% ROI

Myntra used Microsoft Advertising to connect with exclusive audiences on the Microsoft Network, expand its consumer base, reach more qualified audiences, and drive more conversions. Explore how they devised a targeting strategy to stay ahead of the curve.

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Two women talk about a piece of clothing in a fashion store.

Art gallery achieves big growth goals with Multichannel Campaigns

The BLK Gallery used Microsoft Advertising’s Multichannel Campaigns to gain access to tools that assessed their budget, target audience, platforms, and goals. Explore how this art gallery’s investment netted over 247,000 impressions with the help of one platform with multiple functions.

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