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A delivery man hands a box to a woman outside her door.

White paper

New study: The Workday Consumer Has Logged In

Microsoft Advertising wanted to know how the consumer journey had shifted. Learn about the results of the study and how to adapt to the new trends.

April 2022

dentsu and Microsoft present: The Rise of Sustainable Media.


The Rise of Sustainable Media - Read the global study in Dutch, English, French, German, Italian or Spanish

A new global study from Microsoft Advertising and dentsu international examines consumer behaviors linked to sustainable consumption and media.

March 2022

A man in winter garments stands on a trail in the middle of a green field.


Sustainable travel: Tap into a high-value audience

34% of UK consumers have chosen a brand specifically due to its sustainable values. Learn to leverage the opportunity to tap into this audience.

February 2022

A woman smiles while looking away from the camera.


Adapting to new emerging consumer behaviors

Learn about how the blending of work and life has brought about new consumer attitudes and expectations of brands.

January 2022

In a high-rise hotel room, a woman sits on a couch and works on her laptop PC.


A golden opportunity for Credit Cards. Play your cards right!

Microsoft Advertising intelligence identifies new trends for credit card demand and opportunities for banking providers and financial aggregators.

December 2021


UK personal loans and credit cards

The pandemic has changed financial behaviours. Microsoft Advertising evaluated how this will impact advertisers and how to best reach consumers.

November 2021


The evolving traveller: New consumer insights

The 2021 Microsoft Advertising Consumer Travel Research Report looks at key European traveller considerations in light of current conditions.

November 2021


Search and Native performance: Retail EMEA

We found people are more likely to engage with retailers after being exposed to both types of ads, versus exposure to Search ads only.

October 2021


Explore luxury shopping trends

More shoppers than ever are comfortable buying luxury items online. Get fresh insight into this audience.

October 2021


TV and search insights for Pharma advertisers

Get insights on how to combine your search strategy with your television ads. Learn how to succeed with search and TV ads.

July 2021