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Boy playing guitar.


Microsoft Search Network data

Get help planning your Microsoft Advertising campaigns with insights about your audience. Reach more customers and get more results.

July 2023

A man in winter garments stands on a trail in the middle of a green field.


Sustainable travel: Tap into a high-value audience

34% of UK consumers have chosen a brand specifically due to its sustainable values. Learn to leverage the opportunity to tap into this audience.

February 2022

A young woman smiles while looking at a laptop.


Valentine’s Day top trends in the UK

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. Learn about the top trends and searches, so consumers will fall in love with your campaign.

January 2022


Spain Retail festive season insights

Explore insights for the festive season in Spain

October 2021


Netherlands Retail festive season insights

Explore insights for the festive season in the Netherlands.

October 2021


Retail festive season insights

Learn about new insights to help retailers maximise performance during this crucial time period.

October 2021


Festive season checklist 2021

Download our checklist to help maximise your campaigns this 2021 festive season. Get strategies to help boost your business.

September 2021


TV and search insights for Pharma advertisers

Get insights on how to combine your search strategy with your television ads. Learn how to succeed with search and TV ads.

July 2021


Forecasting UK apparel searches in 2021

Online shopping is bigger than ever, and UK apparel searches and clicks are up Get insights on search growth and trends coming in 2021.

May 2021