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Hedin Bil fuels sales with search

Learn how a leading Nordic car retailer boosted traffic while achieving a high CTR and conversion rate.

July 2021


Microsoft Audience Network: Automotive lift

Learn how the Microsoft Audience Network drives Automotive engagement throughout the marketing funnel. Get solutions to reach your audience.

April 2021


Automotive search trends in Europe

Get up to speed on automotive search trands in Europe. Explore our insights and learn how to reach Automotive searchers in your market.

March 2021


Automotive category performance: Italy & Spain

Get an overview of the Autos category and trends observed in 2020 in Italy and Spain.

January 2021


Auto Search engine ON

The automotive industry has been hit hard by COVID-19. Microsoft Advertising Insights took a look at autos search trends across Europe since the onset of COVID-19.

November 2020


BB Wheels crushes their ecommerce goals

With a focus on Shopping Campaign optimisation, BB Wheels achieved more than a 13X return on ad spend with Microsoft Advertising.

November 2020


Honda expands its digital footprint with Microsoft

Honda found new ways to expand its digital footprint to reach new customers and to expand its digital footprint with the Microsoft Audience Network.

September 2020


Volvo boosts campaign CTR

Volvo boosts campaign CTR with the Microsoft Audience Network

November 2019


Hybrid and electric vehicles disrupting the German auto market

While hybrid and electric vehicles have experienced a significant increase in popularity around the world, the percentage of e-cars among all new German car registrations was reported at a low 1.6% in 2017

July 2019