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Dive into our Bing Ads Travel insights

June 2015

According to eMarketer, 2015 is set to be a stellar year for travel as consumers are set to spend significantly on digital travel sales. With digitals sales expecting to top $510 billion worldwide this year, U.K. digital travel sales are set to increase 12% year over year.

Don’t miss out on mobile travel searchers

Leisure travelers are planning, researching and booking trips online and across multiple devices. It’s important for advertisers to have campaigns that will engage consumers wherever they are, and on whichever device they’re using. The Brits are most certainly on the go, with 39% of travel queries being on a mobile device on the Bing Network, 22% of those being on a smartphone. As mobile continues to play a bigger role in the travel vertical, don’t forget to target specific mobile searchers and utilise device-level bid modifiers within Bing Ads to optimise for optimal ROI.

Plan budgets based on spikes in travel searches

Across sub-categories, travel-related searches peak in summer (May till September) and before the New Year (December through January) as Brits plan their summer and winter holidays. Search advertisers should prepare their campaigns and plan their budgets around these peaks to connect with the most engaged searchers.

When preparing budgets for your travel campaign, according to Marin the Bing Network continues to be more cost effective than Google Ads. With the U.K. being 43% cheaper on the Bing Network compared to Google Ads, and even 55% cheaper overall in the Eurozone, make sure you get the most out of your buck when budget planning.

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