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Cross-border e-commerce in Europe

July 2014

Customer buying behaviour evolves fast in our increasingly connected world. When assessing price, quality, service, availability or delivery options, your customers search the internet for the best value wherever it’s found — even across national boundaries. In Europe, this cross-border e-commerce is spreading fast. What’s in it for your business? Consider these points:

  • European e-commerce, currently valued at €200 billion, is expected to continue growing at
    20% per year.
  • 40% of EU shoppers are active online. That number is expected to exceed 50%
    by 2015.
  • Accenture estimates that retailers can grow their revenue by up to 25% if they sold both online and cross-border.

With the EU a ready market, search is critical for business visibility as consumers abroad proceed through the buying decision process. By using Bing Ads for your search marketing, you can reach a quality audience on the Yahoo Bing Network in 35 countries worldwide, including 14 across Europe. 122 million unique searchers in Europe alone contribute to over 2.5 billion monthly searches. Furthermore, these searchers are likely to spend 92% more than the average internet user — Bing Ads is how you connect with them.

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