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Create smarter customer journeys

Microsoft Advertising’s intelligent solutions use AI to understand people and their intent, delivering personalised experiences that make every connection count.

Get ahead of the customer decision journey

The customer decision journey continues to evolve, and shoppers are more complex than ever. The path to purchase is always changing, and this is where we can help. Find out from market leaders on what it means to be ahead of the customer decision journey.

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Are you curious about how market leaders engage their customers?

We were too, so we spoke with them and discovered that the secret is mastering the customer decision journey. We’d like to share these tips and tricks to help you engage with your ideal audience when it matters most.

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Forward thinking at play

What is your CXQ? We speak to some of the top business leaders about their thoughts on combining customer insights with AI technologies to creatively build your business.

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Success story: Flying high with innovative data management

Find out how one of the largest airlines in the world implemented Microsoft Audience Ads and saw an 18% increase in year-over-year revenue.

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