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Highlight upcoming sales and events using countdown ad customizers

Bing Ads is introducing an ad customizer that counts down to an upcoming event for your business. This customizer, called a countdown, automatically updates your ad as the event draws nearer.  Countdowns are eye-catching and may give potential customers greater incentive to click your ad. Add countdowns to your Expanded Text Ads any way you want: with Bing Ads on the web, Bing Ads Editor, or the Bing Ads API.
For example, you can use a countdown to draw attention to a sale that is ending:
ad showing ski sale ending in just 11 hours
...or to promote an upcoming event:
ad showing an in store event happening in 3 days

You can use countdown customizers in either part of the title, either path, and the ad text. To add a countdown to an ad in Bing Ads Web UI, type a { (known as a left brace or a left curly bracket) wherever you want it to appear. Select “Countdown” from the dropdown menu, and then fill in the details. You can also create a countdown manually, either by typing directly in the Create ad input boxes, by using a bulk upload spreadsheet, or by using Bing Ads Editor

A countdown in action:

Let's say you want to highlight a big online sale that will end on February 17 by counting down the last 3 days of the sale. You pick 12:00 AM on February 17 as your countdown ends date/time and enter 3 for countdown start. Here's when your ad would run and examples of how it would look:

image showing when a countdown ad would run

Things to keep in mind while using a countdown

  • After an ad's countdown ends, the ad will stop running but will retain the status Enabled. You can make the ad start running again by either:
    • Updating the ad's countdown end date to a point in the future, or
    • Removing the ad's countdown syntax entirely.
  • Having a countdown means that the ad won't start running until a certain date and time, and then will stop running a few days later. If all of the ads in an ad group use countdowns, it's easy to end up having no ads running for some periods of time. To help ensure that you always have ads running, we recommend having at least one ad without a countdown in each ad group.
Please visit our help page for more information.

Let us know your thoughts

For any questions or feedback on the countdown ad customizer, you can reach out to your Bing Ads account manager, or directly to us at