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Sweden Search Summit: The new search industry event

Microsoft Advertising is launching the new event called Sweden Search Summit
We are proud to be launching the Sweden Search Summit in Sweden this November, made possible by a partnership between Microsoft Advertising and IAB Sweden. With a special focus on the international professional community and tailored towards those who work in the Swedish search advertising industry, this new event will offer audiences the opportunity to learn from international search experts while growing their local search market as a whole. If you work on search advertising campaigns on a frequent basis, then you shouldn’t miss the Sweden Search Summit on 14 November at the Skyddsdrummet venue in Stockholm.
The summit will cover topics such as the future of search, creativity in search, audience and search, and inclusive marketing, as well as industry insights and advice from international search marketing experts including:
Stefan Bardega–The Future of Search
Stefan is President EMEA for iProspect and has over 20 years of experience in digital marketing. At the Sweden Search Summit, Stefan will discuss the future of search and how this will impact our daily jobs as search (advertising) marketers working with brands or agencies.
Jason Miller–Creativity in Search
Jason recently joined Microsoft as Head of Brand Marketing, Microsoft Advertising EMEA. Jason has a vast amount of experience in building brands at a variety of businesses, including LinkedIn, and was recently named one of the top 50 most influential PPC experts by PPC Hero. At the Sweden Search Summit, Jason will discuss how you can bring creativity to your PPC campaigns.
Arianne Donoghue–Audiences and Search
Arianne is the Associate Director of Digital Strategy at Edit in the UK. She describes herself as an experienced multi-channel digital marketer specializing in acquisition and growth, and will share how you can make your business (or the business of your clients) grow through audience targeting.
MJ DePalma–Inclusive Marketing
MJ is Head of Multicultural & Inclusive Marketing at Microsoft and has over 23 years of professional sales and marketing experience, as well as a lifetime of experience in learning to express her true authentic self. She has successfully developed digital marketing strategies and narratives generating preference, demand and action, and she is continuously creating the latest interactive strategies in response to changes in human behaviour. MJ considers inclusive marketing strategy to be her North Star and she is coming to the Sweden Search Summit all the way from the US to share how it can be for you, too.
Register now to book your seat at the Sweden Search Summit on 14 November 2019 in Stockholm.