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COVID-19: Consumer trends & insights for Europe - May 19

Estimated Read Time: 1–2 minutes

While European markets begin to ease their lockdown restrictions through a phased approach, consumer behaviour continues to evolve and adapt the way advertisers connect with people online.

In this COVID-19 Insights weekly instalment, we feature new ‘Isolated Life’ trends regarding beauty and personal care (now including Italy) and further insights on the surge of interest in 5G.

Additionally, within our ‘New Financial Realities’ section, we explore insurance market shifts in France. 

Isolated life

This week, our reports are split across 2 key categories:
  1. Beauty & Personal CareEMEA
  2. Tech & Telco - EMEA

As online purchasing becomes more common, users are approaching different branded products with a possible switch in brand loyalty. While working from home continues, reliable high-speed connections and handsets remain essential.

Key Findings

 Beauty & Personal Care
  •  In Europe: There’s been a clear uplift of search and clicks for personal grooming and beauty products.
  • In Italy: Searches for “hair clipper” grew +11% week-over-week, while there was a boost of makeup, dental care, and spa & wellness searches during the last two weeks.

Tech & Telco 
  • In Europe: Searches and clicks for mobile, broadband services and products across Italy, Spain and Germany continues to grow
  • In Germany: As tech providers are beginning to offer 5G services, its searches grew +3% week-over-week, driven by an uplift of generic queries (+19%) rather than branded terms of providers (+4%).
  • In Italy and Spain: Users tend to search more for mobile brands, queries for fibre connections and sim cards have surged post lock-down. 

Consumer & Residential products  
  • In Italy and Spain: Both countries experienced respectively a staggering growth of week-over-week searches +244% and +168% and clicks +69% and +38%

New Financial Realities


This week, our report focuses on 1 key category:
  1. Insurance – EMEA

Key Findings

  • Health insurance appears in the top queries list in France, with the highest conversion year-over-year growth.
  • Unexpected categories like pets and mortgage insurance show interesting trends.
  • Generic search terms are over-represented in the list and contributed greatly to this uplift.
  • ’Comparison’ and ‘best price’ related queries have influenced this growth. When analysing generic terms from the queried list, ’comparison/ best price‘ intent reveals a +54% increase year-over-year.

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