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Thom Arkestaal

Head of Insights, Microsoft Advertising EMEA

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COVID-19: EMEA insights and advertising tips – July 2

Understanding European consumer sentiment provides deeper insight into your target customers. Our series continues with this week’s key trends on: consumers are back in the market for cars, pet insurance searches rocket in the UK, brand and generic search term evolution in travel worldwide, deals and cost changes brand behaviours and finally a finance rebound analysis.

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New findings reveal consumers want a holiday and live sustainably

Consumers tell us they miss their family and friends more than dating during lockdown, they are more likely to book a holiday than buy a new mobile phone and being sustainable is more important than financial security.

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COVID-19: EMEA insights and advertising tips – June 11

As countries are slowly recovering from COVID-19, some key changes are taking place in the consumer behaviour around apparel, online gaming, electronic device, real Estate and Internet and broadband searches

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