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Nina Bertok

Lead Content Writer, Microsoft Advertising


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Discover Microsoft Advertising for agencies and SMBs

At Microsoft Advertising, we believe in empowering every marketer on the planet to achieve more and we realise that our success depends on the success of our partners.

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The traveller in the age of disruption

Brexit, climate change and advances in artificial technology are among the biggest factors responsible for changing the way customers now choose to travel. As a consequence of these developments, three key disruptive trends have emerged.

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Advertising Week Europe 2019: The highlights

The seventh annual Advertising Week Europe event drew in thousands of media and marketing professionals to Piccadilly Circus last week, covering over 230 events focusing on the future of the industry. Buzzing with conversations among creatives, media members and industry leaders, it played host to a variety of interviews, keynotes, panels and workshops with the aim of exploring the future of advertising and how technology impacts every sector of the business. From artificial intelligence and podcasts, to diversity and inclusion, London was at the centre of dissection and discussion of the hottest and most important topics currently affecting our industry.

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Panelists on stage at Advertising Week Europe

How to maintain a diverse talent supply in the face of Brexit

In the face of Brexit, the UK advertising and marketing communications industry recognises how crucial it is to have a diverse pool of employees – after all, cultural richness is what helps make our industry among the most creatively-awarded in the world. Considering the potentially major disruptions that Brexit may soon bring, the UK must now adapt to ensure this critical supply of talent is in no way restricted by focusing on the importance of attracting and retaining diverse homegrown talent. Highlighting the existing problems, as well as the essential role advertising must take on to invest in a more diverse domestic workforce, an esteemed panel of industry experts discussed at length how to address the challenges to come.

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The world is diverse, so why isn’t your advertising?

Imagine a world where all people are represented accurately from the start to the end of a project, idea or advertisement… It would be a very different world, indeed. Unfortunately, women are still represented in stereotypical and outdated roles, the LGBT community continues to struggle with prejudice and one billion people with disabilities remain unseen to the visible eye. So, isn’t it time to turn the diversity and inclusion conversation from an international discussion to include the advertising industry too?

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