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Research firm increases CTR on the Bing Network

August 2014

Challenge is a site that helps consumers research metal prices and mining companies by offering charts, tools, expert articles and company directories. The research firm needed to drive more traffic to its landing pages via its Bing Network ad campaign.

Solution worked with its online marketing firm, Vancouver based XPC Technology Services, to run a Bing Network campaign with competitive keywords such as “gold mining stock.” But rather than headlining the ad with hot keywords such as “gold” and “silver,” XPC used the mining company’s name in the ad title to attract the attention of savvy investors.


In less than two months, the firm has received more than 10,000 unique visitors to its landing pages via its Bing Network ad campaign. What’s more, the Bing Network accounted for 76% of site traffic in the second month of the campaign. Shone Anstey, President of XPC Technology, said, “The Bing Network offers higher quality traffic than Google and we’ve found these visitors are more likely to engage with the site."

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