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Bringing Legal Ease to Paid Search

Legal ease

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Founded in 2001 in Canada, LawDepot has been ranked one of the country’s fastest growing companies for the past four years. “The idea was to make legal services easy and affordable,” explains Chris Bordato, Director of Performance Marketing at LawDepot.

Thanks to an innovative and simple online interview process, LawDepot has created more than 10 million legal documents. This change has saved their user base of almost 4 million customers 5 billion dollars in legal fees. “We’ve helped people solve their everyday legal needs in almost any life situation that may require a legal document, all from the convenience of their home or mobile device,” says Bordato.

Looking year over year from this time in 2016, our profits from Bing Ads has doubled.

— Chris Bordato, Director of Performance Marketing, LawDepot

A little bit of love and attention

Photo of Chris Bordato, director of performance marketing, LawDepot

Chris Bordato, Director of
Performance Marketing, LawDepot

LawDepot focuses on retention and a variety of marketing methods. Of all channels available, paid search is efficient, targeted, and cost-effective, especially for targeting customers in the U.S., Canada, UK, Ireland and Australia.

The LawDepot team recognized a strong paid search strategy was important to business growth. The channel drives a considerable percentage of their over 2 million website visits per month.

LawDepot came to realize that with Bing Ads, they could tap into an affluent audience that spends 32% more money online than average internet PC searchers. “We’ve always wanted to help that everyday person, those with estate planning needs, people managing rental properties, and small business owners,” says Bordato. “But we also skew a little bit older, due to the fact that usually after you have more assets — which take time to accumulate — you have more legal needs.”

“Looking year over year from this time in 2016, our Bing profits have doubled,” explains Bordato. He puts it down to a few reasons.

Describing it as one of the biggest changes in paid search this year, Expanded Text Ads have helped LawDepot increase their click through rates by 56%, while also reducing the cost per click (CPC) and cost per acquisition (CPA).

LawDepot witnessed increased click-through and conversion rates with Bing Ads account parity, a focus on keyword match type promotion and targeting, and leveraging Enhanced Sitelinks.

The housekeeping efforts and, as Bordato describes it, “a little bit of love and attention," have certainly paid off with impressive numbers in a relatively short span of time: 22% decline in CPAs, with a 22% increase in conversions.

"Yes, that 22% on either end has been fantastic to see," he affirms. "We are a profit-focused company, so that's exactly what we're looking for, bringing CPAs down while improving conversions."

Another contributing factor to LawDepot’s success is its focus on broad match modifier for casting a wide net and bringing in user queries. “We've been rolling out more broad match keywords to identify improvements. We utilize the different search term reports, and then start building things out, adding more long-tail keywords and promoting those real keywords, real queries that people are searching with.” This has enabled LawDepot to better target its users and refine its exact and phrase match keywords.

Bing has been a big part of our success, being able to ensure that we check off all those boxes for those campaign management best practices.

— Chris Bordato, Director of Performance Marketing, LawDepot

The past and future

LawDepot data table showing a 56% increase to CTR with lower CPC and CPA as well as a 22% decline in CPA with a 22% increase in conversions

LawDepot saw increases to CTR and conversions

These days, Chris is confident in LawDepot’s paid search trajectory. As he ponders the past year, Bordato summarizes: "We've had a great relationship with Bing Ads so far, and I only see that continuing," he explains, "the team has been great at giving us recommendations. They were able to produce account audits for us saying, ‘This campaign doesn't have an Enhanced Sitelink yet,’ or ‘Let's narrow in on that, to get those added in and make sure we have coverage there.’ Bing has been a big part of our success, being able to ensure that we check off all those boxes for those campaign management best practices.”

With an eye towards the future for Bing, he adds: "Knowing that Bing is working hard by continuing to invest in their platform and continuing to grow gives me even more certainty that LawDepot will continue to grow alongside them.”

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