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Agency increases client’s traffic and sales with Bing Ads

April 2015


Specializing in pet mobility products, K9 Carts wanted to expand its advertising efforts to reach a larger audience and grow its business. The company worked with digital marketing agency, White Shark Media® on specific goals: acquire consistent, high-quality leads and increase conversions; lower the average cost per click (CPC); and get a better position in search engine results pages (SERPs).



White Shark Media used Bing Ads to help K9 Carts grow its online advertising presence. With Bing Ads features like inline bid suggestions, the Campaign Planner tool and Ad Preview tool, the agency reached new customers and increased sales for the pet company.



Since launching Bing Ads in search advertising campaigns for K9 Carts, White Shark Media increased website traffic and boosted conversion rate for the company. K9 Carts estimates that 22,873 new potential customers visited the website in 2014, generating 322 sales with an average cost-per-acquisition of $71.55. “Our ROI is now just under 400% and climbing,” says Glenn Parkes, K9 Carts general manager.


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