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Microsoft Advertising Partners: Building Trust and Marketing with Purpose

April 2020

Now, more than ever we’re experiencing challenges that bring to light the importance and significance of strong trusted relationships with people and organizations grounded in shared values and a sense of purpose. Microsoft Advertising is grateful for the partnerships we’ve built with incredible companies around the world. Companies that are focused on building a culture of diversity and inclusion internally with their employees, as well as working hard to empower advertisers with inclusive marketing practices and innovative personalization and digital advertising solutions that help them reach people and build their businesses. 
   Too many brands out there treat diversity and inclusion as just a box ticking exercise, whereas for us, it’s much more than that.

   Laura Collins, Merkle

In addition to being valued partners, Kenshoo, Merkle, Dept, Sensis and Mindshare are all companies that demonstrate how partnerships amplify authentic connections. These companies are driven to supporting their advertising clients, building trust and delivering Marketing with Purpose.