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Expand your business beyond Canada with cross-border e-commerce

April 2015

Customer buying behavior evolves fast in our increasingly connected world. When assessing price, quality, service, availability or delivery options, your customers search the Internet for the best value wherever it’s found — even across national and international boundaries. Between the U.S. and Canada, this cross-border e-commerce is robust. What’s in it for your business?

Consider these points:

  • 75% of all Canadians live within 100 miles of the U.S.-Canadian border.
  • Canada’s flow value — its cross-border revenue activity both in and out of the country — is nearly $1.4B USD.
  • Since the 2008 global recession, Canada has posted the strongest growth among the G7 countries.
  • Accenture estimates that retailers can grow their revenue by up to 25% if they sold both online and cross-border.

Search is critical for business visibility as Canadian consumers make their way through the buying decision process. By using Bing Ads for your search marketing, you can reach a quality audience on the Bing Network in Canada, with 17 million unique searchers. These unique searchers represent 411 million monthly searches, which is 12% of the search market in Canada. Furthermore, these searchers are likely to spend 22% more than the average Internet user — Bing Ads is how you connect with them.

View our report to the right or download it below, Cross-Border E-commerce in Canada, for more details on how to reach the Canadian market successfully. Among other insights, you'll receive nine tips for getting started in cross-border e-commerce and advice from five e-commerce experts across Canada, Europe and the U.S.


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