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The Art and Science of broad match on Bing Ads

  Webcast hosted by ON24 , Tips & Tricks

Webcast overview

Duration: 53 minutes
Available: On Demand


Are you interested in uncovering new business opportunities? Would you like to spend less time building keyword lists?

Join us as we explore how broad match can help you tap into new business opportunities, and how you can optimize your campaigns to drive the best results.

With constantly changing search landscapes, it can be difficult to anticipate all the queries that customers might enter. Every day, approximately one-third of queries coming to the Bing Network contain new search terms. Broad match helps find relationships between keywords and user searches, even if the full keyword isn’t in the search term, making it a valuable tool to discover new consumer trends or themes.

Trying to figure out seemingly endless variations of keywords is time-consuming. With broad match, Bing Ads does the work for you, so you don’t have to worry about creating keyword lists to try to cover all relevant searches. Not all keyword variations will lead to clicks for your ads, so Bing Ads will stop showing your ads for those specific variations, allowing you to focus on the keywords that do work and not accrue click charges for those that don’t. We’re constantly working to improve our broad match functionality to make sure your ads are shown only on relevant terms.

If you find that some of your keywords are matching on search terms that aren't relevant to your business, you can use broad match modifier to fine-tune or restrict how broad match is being applied. You can also use broad match with other Bing Ads solutions, like audience targeting, auto-bidding, conversion tracking and negative keywords, to help improve your return on investment.


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Alexa Rozzi

Account Manager
Microsoft, Bing Ads

Alexa started in search on the agency side with three years at New Jupiter Media helping launch paid social and landing page development divisions of the company. She is passionate about digging into data to tell stories around optimizations and build understanding between clients.

Cristiano Ventura

Sr. Product Marketing Manager
Microsoft, Bing Ads

Cristiano is responsible for marketing and go-to-market initiatives for Bing products and features. He has been at Microsoft for almost 14 years working in advertising for the North America, Latin America, European, and Asian-Pacific markets. He’s fluent in Italian and English.

Stein Broeder

Sr. Marketing Communications Manager
Microsoft, Bing Ads

Stein manages content for the search engine professional audience. For the past three years, he has been responsible for bringing over a dozen new Bing Ads features and updates to market. He is a digital industry veteran, having worked at agencies in the Seattle area for over a decade.

Paul Shin

Sr. Account Executive
Microsoft, Bing Ads

Paul has been at Microsoft for three years as a Sr. Account Executive at Bing Ads. Prior to Microsoft, he spent several years on the agency side working with several Fortune 1000 companies. Paul has worked in the digital space for 13 years with experience in SEM, display media, paid social, analytics and non-media strategy.

Parinita Rahi

Sr. Product Manager
Microsoft, Bing Ads

Parinita has been with Microsoft for eight years and is a Sr. Program Manager on the Rich Ads team for paid search in Bing. She is currently working on enriched ad experiences and new ad products for search ads. Parinita was previously responsible for improving relevance and intent matching algorithms for paid search ad products.