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Listen: Three trends that will impact search marketing.

Talking about the trends impacting search marketing is especially sexy right now because that means talking about artificial intelligence, virtual reality and voice engagement. Search marketing is outgrowing the search box. These technologies aren’t just hot buzzwords; they’re truly fantastic technologies that will have an impact on digital marketing and on search marketing specifically.
Recently, my colleague MJ DePalma and I sat down with Rand Fishkin (you know the one – that Moz guy) to marvel over the future trends that will impact search marketing. There was arguing. There was laughing. There was a moustache augmented reality idea. You can be a fly on the wall while we hash things out, just listen here. Check out additional great resources on our new industry outlook hub as well, to learn more about the future of search and marketing.  

On the Bing Ads webcast we covered three emerging trends that will impact search marketing:

1. Tangible
What’s going on with the Internet of Things and how it’s making search more pervasive than ever and how might it be connected to search marketing? If your bathroom mirror can show you the weather, can it also show you an ad for mouthwash? Should it?
We talked about Hololens – did you know its augmented reality experience can show you what a stool from a website will look like in your actual house? It’s easy to see how a tool like this would benefit retailers from home furnishings to outdoor gear. We won’t need to imagine how big a two-person tent feels; we’ll be able to climb inside it and see for ourselves.

2. Visual
We were always moving toward a more visual, personal expression of ourselves, weren’t we? It started when our phones became cameras and we couldn’t stop recording and sharing our lives this way. Rand and I talked about how visual technology has altered the way we search, and we talked about how companies can optimize for visual search.
What are the other ways companies can be taking advantage of visual capabilities, enabled by artificial intelligence? We look at a couple of examples and marvel over how these visual experiences are richer and more engaging than nearly any other interface.
3. Vocal
Voice engagement has been a pet topic of mine since I broke both my wrists and learned to rely on voice input with Cortana for so many tasks. This is how I became so fascinated by the developments in natural language understanding, which enables our voice engagement and more personal experiences with Digital Assistants like Cortana, Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa and others. As the machine learning behind this technology has become smarter and more efficient, more consumers will (and already are) turn to this input method. How will this impact search marketing? And how should advertisers prepare for voice search?

If you’re thinking about the future, and ready to see what your company should be doing to be on the front end of that landscape, give Rand, myself, and MJ DePalma a listen. You’ll grin. You’ll marvel right along with us. You’ll get ready to take action.

Tangible, Audible, Visual: The Future Trends Impacting Search Webcast – A conversation with Rand Fishkin from Moz
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