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Rik van der Kooi on the value of search at #IP2016

Today at the AdExchanger Industry Preview in New York, Rik van der Kooi, CVP of Microsoft Search Advertising, took to the stage with John Ebbert, Executive Editor at AdExchanger, to discuss some of the key factors influencing the evolution of advertising and Microsoft’s own strategy.

Some of the key takeaways were:

  • Search is an increasingly valued marketing vehicle which offers truly integrated marketing intelligence. When search goes beyond web search to permeate services, devices and platforms, as it does with Bing, the depth of consumer understanding is far richer and the intelligence provides powerful insights for marketing success.
  • Every click matters to a marketer, but some clicks matter more than others. As an industry, marketers need to come together to develop experiences that delight consumers. We need to focus on making commercial interactions more valuable, by connecting data that is currently siloed on behalf of the consumer. Search plays a key part in this, as marketers want to continue to understand the direct relationship between the click, the conversion and purchase decision. We have an opportunity to deliver for consumers and marketers through the integration of CRM Online, Azure, Power BI and search data for marketing effectiveness. 
  • Search Advertising continues to grow significantly as an industry and at Microsoft (as reported by AdAge last week). The growth is organic, supported by integration across Windows 10 services (now running on over 200 million devices!) as well as being driven through syndication partnerships (most recently with AOL). Combined, Bing powers nearly one third of US searches today.
  • Search innovation in the next 5 years will outperform that of the last 10. In the near future, Rik sees search marketing growing from keywords to audience to actions, empowering consumers to take action inside of their search experience and on other services. He's also fascinated with natural language, the evolution of communication between people and technology which will open up a massive playground for advertisers in formats well beyond those of today. This starts with personal assistants such as Cortana and Siri, but also includes opportunities within chat services and more.

If you were not able to be in NYC, please note that the fireside discussion will be available for viewing the week of 25th January. 

For a more search focused 2016 industry preview, please visit the recent blog post that summarizes the top marketing buzzwords of 2015 and offers 7 predictions for 2016 for search from David Pann, GM, Search Advertising Microsoft.

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