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Steve Sirich

General Manager, Microsoft Advertising

BLOG POSTS BY Steve Sirich

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A View Into Tomorrow at Bing Ads Next

Today on the Microsoft campus, our Bing Ads team gathered a select group of marketers, press and digital advertising agency leaders from around the world to engage them in a conversation about the rapidly changing world of search advertising. Our goal was simple: bring these people together to help chart the course for where Bing Ads goes next. At Bing Ads, our approach always starts with the individual Bing searcher. We know that you, our advertisers, have certain goals in mind when you run a c...

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Unveiled Today: A New Look for Bing

Since Bing launched four years ago, it has re-defined what it means to “search.” People use Bing to make decisions, not stare at lists of links. From finding the best map route to the newest digital camera to the hottest local restaurant, Bing is...

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Coming Soon: Bing Ads to Launch in Australia and New Zealand

Back when Bill Gates and Paul Allen were talking about a computer on every desk and in every home, software was in the nascent stage of introducing new ways to be more efficient and productive. Now, as we enter the 21st century, search is making our lives even easier as it becomes increasingly more ubiquitous, social, and smart. Today, we’re excited to announce that through the joint venture with Mi9, we’re making a long-term investment in driving the future of search and search advertising in A...

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