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Mythbusting Microsoft Advertising: Benefits of search ads

March 2021

The Download

Duration: 3:26

Are you still holding back from running campaigns on Microsoft Advertising?

John Lee, head of evangelism at Microsoft Advertising resolves to challenge assumptions and bust a few myths about why people might be reluctant to advertise on the Microsoft Advertising Network, on this Product Pop-up segment of The Download video series (Episode 5). We think you'll be pleasantly surprised by what you learn about the benefits of search ads, and Microsoft Advertising.

  • Myth #1: My customers only use Google. False: The Microsoft Advertising Network reaches over 1/2 billion people worldwide.
  • Myth #2: Microsoft Advertising is just for B2B and old people. False: Diversity of audience is the name of our game. More than half of our audience is under the age of 45.
  • Myth #3: Microsoft Advertising is not state of the art tech. False: We have innovation and automation to help you reach your target audiences with efficiency.
  • Myth #4: I need more to really engage with my customers. Great: Native advertising is growing and Microsoft Advertising is addressing the native market with programmatic native and CPC bidding on the Microsoft Audience Network.

Watch this entertaining video and learn how Microsoft Advertising can help you reach more high quality customers and grow your business with our search ads.