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The Microsoft Audience Network is a native advertising solution similar to Facebook Ads (FAN) and the Google Display Network, powered by Microsoft audience intelligence and artificial intelligence.
Advertisers can either manage their native advertising spend with their search campaigns – or manage their native advertising campaigns separately from their search campaigns.
After reading this Study Guide, you will understand how to:
  • Run ads directly targeting users’ demographic, professional and interest profile.
  • Use native placements on trusted global brands, like MSN, Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Edge (USA only).
  • Show your ad on top publishers and combine sites if you choose.

Microsoft Audience Ads

Microsoft Audience Ads are informed by Microsoft audience intelligence and powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to guide audience segmentation, engagement prediction, personalised offer selection and ROI management.

Microsoft Audience Ads are a great way to reach the hundreds of millions of customers outside of search. The amount of high-clicks and conversions advertisers get, in addition to the boosted performance by AI, makes it a smart way to target customers, plus it is easy to get started. Simply add images via extensions and use Google Import to pull in your GDN campaigns and use the images you are using on Facebook or Google.

The Microsoft Audience Network supports two responsive ad formats: image-based ads and feed-based ads. These responsive ad types automatically adjust to various sizes and shapes of native ad formats.

There are two convenient ways to run Microsoft Audience Ads that offer different levels of control:

  • Start with Search campaigns and add images to extend your campaigns into native advertising.
  • Manage your campaigns and budget separately from your Search campaigns.

Image-based ads
Image-based ads are responsive ads that are compatible across platforms – this means it is easy to use your existing assets from the Google Display Network and Facebook Audience Network.

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Feed-based ads
Use Product Audiences to remarket to users based on the specific product IDs that they interacted with. You can promote these ads to them with the same product IDs (also known as dynamic remarketing).

Note: To use Product Audiences, update your UET tag with an additional piece of tracking code to capture page type and product ID.

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Getting started with either is simple. Upload an image or copy a URL into Microsoft Advertising, and Microsoft Advertising formats your content to match the unique look and feel of the publisher site, whether it is displayed on a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Here’s what has not changed:

  • Like search ads, you only pay when your ad is clicked.
  • Use familiar setup and campaign management tools that are fully integrated with Microsoft Advertising.
  • Control Microsoft Audience Ads campaigns using bid modifiers, similar to other bid modifiers in Microsoft Advertising.
  • Upload images easily via Image Extensions.
  • Use existing reports, like Campaigns and Audiences reports, for audience campaigns.
  • Manage by using familiar search ad tools and interfaces: Microsoft Advertising online, Microsoft Advertising Editor and Microsoft Advertising API.
    Learn more about full creative specs for Microsoft Audience Ads.

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Microsoft audience intelligence

Based on Bing and search, Microsoft audience intelligence has recently built our advertising offering on the consumer data of Microsoft audience intelligence.

By developing a rich audience understanding of enterprise and consumer data brought together across Microsoft, you can choose one or multiple dimensions:

  • User intent targeting: Remarketing, In-market Audiences, Custom Audiences, Product Audiences
  • User profile targeting: LinkedIn profile targeting & Age and gender targeting
  • Location and device: Location targeting & Device targeting

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The Microsoft Audience Network is a performance-based solution infused with artificial intelligence that lets you reach highly relevant audiences using Microsoft audience intelligence.
Key takeaways:

  • Microsoft Audience Networks boost volume and conversions through brand-safe native content placements.
  • The Microsoft Audience Network reaches target audiences across Microsoft properties likes MSN, Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Edge.

Thanks for reading this Study Guide on the Microsoft Audience Network. Continue studying or take the Microsoft Advertising Certified Professional exam to become certified.

Please note all features in this Study Guide may not be available in your market.