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Use search to maximize ROI across channels – Bing & Catalyst study

March 2017

It’s more challenging than ever for brands to allocate their advertising budgets across channels. To help brands and media planners make these complicated decisions, Bing Ads and Catalyst commissioned Forrester Consulting to assess search marketing’s role in the marketing mix.

Search is a key amplifier of other marketing channels
Forrester’s data shows that search is better than traditional media at boosting the performance of other media channels, among other key benefits. Due to its widespread use among consumers, search is a critical piece of the modern marketer’s toolkit.

Search maximizes marketing ROI
Marketers who have ramped up their search programs with innovative tools and tactics ranked the ROI of search marketing above all other media except organic social. Marketers reported that their customers find them using search more than any other channel.

Act strategically
By strategically integrating search marketing with other channels, you can create a program that is more than the sum of its parts. Read the survey and learn how search can increase marketing ROI.

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