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Summer Games Rio Deck

July 2016

Reach your sports and fitness customers with champion campaigns during the Rio Summer Games. Rio 2016 is set to be the first truly multi-platform Games, with 85% of likely viewers to use additional devices as they watch TV. To help your search campaigns bring home the gold for your brand, check out the Bing Ads Summer Games 2016 insights report. The presentation offers a range of tips and data points such as these highlights:

  • Bing brings traffic: Bing's Rio 2016 consumer experience will help boost engagement with schedules, latest news, rich editorial, medal counts, the popular Bing Predicts feature and much more.
  • Expanding reach: Bing continues to gain search share in AU, proven by doubled market share over the past 18 months.
  • Mobile matters: Leverage mobile bid boosters to reach mobile searchers who find a second screen priceless. Optimize your landing pages for mobile traffic.
  • Keyword growth: Volume for games-related keywords are trending upwards and have grown over four times since the start of the year, with majority traffic coming from PCs.

To help you target your best customers, you’ll also find data on the valuable Bing Network audience and their purchase behaviour, optimisation tips for copy and keywords, plus key takeaways for sports and fitness advertisers. Download our presentation and make sure your campaigns win big during the Rio Summer Games.

 Download the presentation