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Sharpen your strategy for successful tax time campaigns

June 2015

“Tax time” in Australia – between July 1 and October 31 -- can be a profitable period. Many preparing their annual tax return look for tax services and professionals, and this can be an ideal time for you to reach more customers with tax-related campaigns. In our latest report, Tax Time: Financial Vertical Analysis, we’ve put together tax industry insights along with tips and strategies for successful campaigns.

Part one of the report studies past performance data to offer trend forecasts for future tax time periods. We recommend a focus on clear ad copy, keeping an eye on competition and monitoring cost-per-click increases during tax time.

In part two, we look at the health insurance vertical and explain its seasonal link with tax time. Our advice: Health insurance advertisers should take advantage of the tax time opportunity, keep a strong budget and competitive bid strategy, plus clearly target those who missed the June sign-up deadline for health insurance.

Check out our report for more details on how to run effective tax time and health insurance campaigns. Download the presentation below.

 Download the presentation