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Plan your travel campaign with our tips, trends and market data

May 2015

Need the latest insights on how Australian consumer travel habits have changed? We’re here to help you plan your campaigns with the Bing Australia webinar, “Travel Vertical Study 2014/2015.” Our video will show you shifts in the travel market landscape, key trends and offer strategic recommendations. Some of the presentation’s trend topics include:

  • The decline of the AUD vs the USD and how this has impacted the Australian consumer’s travel plans.
  • Where Australians are looking to travel to “stretch” their dollar further.
  • Where Australians are looking to travel to “stretch” their dollar further.
  • How the change in the Australian dollar has impacted the “inbound” or overseas traveler.
  • Head vs. Heart travel decisions, e.g., is it cost effectiveness or locations that drive travel decisions?
  • Bing Ads mobile trends in the Travel vertical.
  • Seasonal overview of travel-related clicks, CTR and conversions on Bing Ads Australia.

We tie in these market trends with consumer activity on Bing Ads to offer snapshots for categories such as: online travel agencies/hotels, flights, cruises and travel agencies. Furthermore, we detail seasonal events so you can plan which are most important to your particular product or service. Watch our webinar to start making smart decisions in travel campaign planning, budgets and ad copy.

View the presentation to the right or download it to find out more.