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Los Angeles search advertising leaders talk about Bing Ads

May 2016

Jennifer Solomon-Baum from Bing Ads connects with search engine marketing (SEM) experts at the Bing Ads Connect in Los Angeles. Hear firsthand what’s got them buzzing about Bing.

Jennifer Solomon-Baum (Microsoft): What really excites you about the search industry and where do you think it’s going in the next three to five years?

Akvile Harlow (SEM professional): It’s really interesting to see how people interact online and whether it’s through search or social.

Steve Gibson (Canvas Worldwide): Unlike every other form of marketing, it’s not an interruption, it’s not an intrusion — it’s not blasting into what people are doing. It’s actually lining up with what they’re looking for.

Gina Choi (Team One): It’s always good to be innovative and change how we present our advertisements and to be more creative, so it’s great to see the industry shifting that way.

Matthew Torres (LD Products): The integration across platforms — if it’s Xbox, or if it’s Windows Phone or Windows 10 — we can help people find the products or services they need that are more tailored to them.

Akvile Harlow (SEM professional): I think whatever your algorithm is, it’s great. Granted, the search volume could be a little bit better, but I feel like the return on ad spend has been really great for all my clients. It’s a lot less expensive than other competitors.

Ryan McGee (The Search Agency): I think there’s a lot of really exciting things going on with Remarketing in Paid Search and with Bing Shopping. Being able to edit on the app and on the homepage is really exciting as well.

Steve Gibson (Canvas Worldwide): We really like Bing Ads; it does really well. Compared to the competition, it’s almost always lower — the cost per click and cost per KPD.

Jennifer Solomon-Baum (Microsoft): What a great day and a fantastic opportunity to connect with so many people. Thank you so much for watching and see you next time!

Connect events are Bing Ads workshop-like meetups designed to help online marketers learn search engine marketing best practices and optimisation strategies to get the greatest return on their Bing Ads investments.

For more Bing Ads Connect event highlights and other videos, visit the Bing Ads channel.

Jennifer Solomon-Baum is senior marketing manager at Microsoft.

Akvile Harlow is a digital marketing specialist.

Steve Gibson is search client director at Canvas Worldwide.

Gina Choi is associate media manager at Team One.

Matthew Torres is search engine marketing manager at LD Products.

Ryan McGee is account manager at The Search Agency.