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Modern Marketing is Accessible Marketing

There are 1 billion people in the world living with a disability and some only use a screen reader. Not considering people living with disabilities in your digital media is like turning away 1 in 5 people.

March 2019

Webcast hosted by ON24

Getting Started with Bing Ads for SMBs

Connect with the people who matter to you

March 2019


The new consumer is the new frontier

A new consumer is emerging, with new expectations about how they want to shop, buy and even experience the world.

January 2019

Webcast hosted by ON24

The Art and Science of Automated Extensions

Improve your ad’s visibility and performance

August 2018

Webcast hosted by ON24

The Art and Science of Bid and Budget Optimisations

Learn to manage your accounts and campaigns more effectively

July 2018

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The growth marketer’s guide to SEM

The consumer decision journey is complex. This eBook offers best practices to modernizing your digital marketing to improve your ROI.

June 2018


Boost ad relevance with intelligent solutions

Identify user intent with broad match keywords, dynamic search ads and keyword planning to connect to customers and keep cost-per-click low.

May 2018


Find diamonds with Bing Ads Opportunities

Bing Ads harnesses AI to help marketers discover and implement SEM campaign optimisations with the Opportunities page in Bing Ads online.

May 2018

Webcast hosted by ON24

The Art and Science of syndication

Learn how syndication can help you reach the customers that matter to you.

April 2018

Webcast hosted by ON24

The Art and Science of intelligent ad solutions on Bing Ads

Learn how AI allows Bing to deliver intelligent and personalized targeting, tools and experiences

March 2018