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Get engaged with your Valentine’s Day campaigns

February 2016

Need some advertising tips and guidance for this year’s season of love? Check out our short-but-sweet best practice guide for your 2016 Valentine’s campaigns. Here are some key takeaways:

Most love-seekers are done shopping by Feb. 13. Significant Valentine’s Day click traffic, 56%, occurs between Feb. 9 and Feb. 13. Set up your bids and budgets with plenty of love beforehand.

Romantics are mobile, too. Click traffic surges before Valentine's Day on mobile devices, so make sure your on-the-go users have a good shopping experience. Offer customers mobile responsive sites and apps, plus have relevant keywords and plenty of love in your ad copy for your target audience.

Keywords are key for Cupid's day. Enter optimal bids for higher performing and relevant keywords themes to capitalise on increasing searches during this period leading up to Valentine's Day. Also, review our list of top negative keywords to ensure your campaigns and ad groups are as relevant as possible.

Lovers in Generation X drive top traffic. Sweethearts in the 35-49 year-old demographic lead the Valentine’s Day search queries on the Bing Network.

For effective advertising this Valentine’s Day, ensure your campaigns are ready by downloading our deck for data, trends and recommendations. Questions? Feel free to contact your customer representative.

 Download the presentation