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Australian fashion retail and consumer trends 2017

July 2017

How does the Australian fashion-centric consumer prefers to search for their favourite brands, products and fashion wear? Find out in the Bing Ads Australian Fashion Retail Insights. Get a 2017 industry-trend analysis for retail advertisers to help you understand your target audience’s digital behaviours during discovery and inspiration.

Key takeaways:

  • Most searched products
  • Spotlight on dress trends, sports apparel trends, retail and online store trends
  • Search terms trends

Learn how online shopping, sale and discount-related search terms when shopping online are a key driver for customers. Australian shoppers are savvy and want value for money, so the promotion of sales and offers is a great opportunity for both online stores and brick & mortar stores.

Download the Fashion Retail Insights deck to view more on Australian retail consumer trends and get tips to help your campaigns succeed.