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Discover key smartphone search trends in Oz

August 2017

Smartphone launches create a lot of hype — and opportunity. As smartphone penetration in Australia approaches 80%, you need the latest insights about timing and consumer search behavior for your campaigns to be effective. Check out our latest report to learn insights from two years of search data, including a close look at three trends that can help your Bing Ads search campaigns succeed:

  • Timing is everything. New device arrivals follow distinct stages: pre-announcement, pre-order and release. Consumer searches align to these phases, giving advertisers a relatively short window of opportunity to capitalise on increased search demand.
  • Changing landscape. There is no longer a major dominance across the top two brands in the market as iPhone and Samsung are almost at parity. Buyers are increasingly buying through Telco outlets due to the rising price of smartphones.
  • Details matter. Savvy smartphone buyers are searching for features, specs, accessories, wearables, reviews, upgrades and phone plans, however each follow a different seasonality.

To better understand the right smartphone strategy and which Bing Ads features and keywords to activate at the right time, download the deck, Smartphone Launch Campaign — Australia 2017.