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Find diamonds in the rough with Bing Ads Opportunities

May 2018

As consumer engagements are digitised and captured in data points, marketers have become archaeologists in the way they need to mine big data sets for new opportunities to optimise their campaigns. Ultimately, it feels like trying to find a diamond in the rough — arduous, overwhelming and time-consuming, but sometimes exceptionally rewarding. 

Bing Ads is harnessing artificial intelligence (AI) to help marketers discover and implement search engine marketing (SEM) campaign optimisations with the Opportunities page in Bing Ads online. These recommendations are personalised to your campaigns using machine learning and take advantage of rich audience insights from the Microsoft Graph.

Get automatic optimisation opportunities, preview their estimated impact on your clicks and impressions, and take action directly from the Opportunities page. You can receive recommendations for new keywords, broad match, Sitelink Extensions, budget increases, and bid adjustments for ad scheduling or locations and to capture more clicks or better ROI.

Whether you’re working at an agency or wearing the SEM pro hat for your own business, time is a precious commodity. Why not let AI do the heavy lifting for you?

Here are a few types of suggestions you might see:

  • Add new keywords: Keyword suggestions are based on your existing campaigns’ ads, landing pages and existing keywords. We’ll also provide bid suggestions and an estimated performance impact for those new keywords.

  • Add broad match to your existing keywords: If you're missing traffic that’s relevant to your existing exact and phrase match keywords, the Opportunities page might suggest using some broad match keywords as well. And, to help you decide which broad match terms make the most sense for your specific business, we’ll provide you with a list of top search terms that might trigger those broad match keywords.

  • Add Sitelink Extensions: Sitelink Extensions are one of the best ways to help more customers engage with your site, and this opportunity will suggest the campaigns that could benefit the most from having them in your ads.

  • Ad scheduling: You can dynamically adjust your bids to target customers who are searching on certain days and/or times of the day.

  • Keyword bid adjustments: Your keywords vary in their cost per conversion. New keyword bid adjustment opportunities change your bids based on your keywords’ conversion history. This feature can lower costs, help boost conversion performance on your best keywords, and help deliver a better return on investment for your campaigns.

For more tips, visit our Help Center article on how: Use Bing Ads Opportunities for ideas to improve your campaign. Be sure to check your Bing Ads Opportunities page, as AI is constantly analysing your account performance and marketplace dynamics to identify new opportunities for you.