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As a business owner, you're busy. Your focus is on growing your small business as quickly as possible, for as little as possible, and without a lot of help. Fortunately, it's easy to run a successful small business with the power of paid search advertising.

With one ad buy through Microsoft Advertising, you are able to reach 9 million unique searchers on the Microsoft Search Network who represent 175 million monthly desktop searches. This accounts for 18.1% of the search market in Australia. Paid search advertising lets you leverage this web traffic to attract new customers and engage existing ones with nothing more than an internet connection, a few dollars and a couple hours of your time.

Paid search advertising is one of the most valuable digital marketing solutions you can use to help grow your small business.

Does pay per click (PPC) work for small business?

Yes! Paid search advertising, or pay per click (PPC), for small businesses can be an extremely valuable and cost-effective digital marketing strategy for businesses of every size.

Reach your business goals

Paid search is an easy and effective method for reaching your business goals. You can use PPC ads to generate sales leads, online purchases, phone calls, get customers through your doors, and other customer actions that help increase revenue for your business.

Customer success stories

Hear from small business owners about the value of paid search. Learn how they leveraged paid search with Microsoft Advertising to attract more customers and grow revenue.

See results fast

The ability to quickly and cost-effectively draw in new customers as they research products and services online is one of the most valuable aspects of PPC advertising for small businesses. All you need to get started is a working internet connection, a couple of sentences and a few budget dollars, and your PPC ads will begin showing almost immediately. Learn the basics of how to advertise on the Microsoft Search Network.

Reach more qualified customers

Your business is unique and so are the customers you serve. With a highly educated, highly engaged user base, the Microsoft Search Network helps make growing your small business easier by allowing you to reach more of the customers you’re looking for. So, get to know the people in the Microsoft Search Network audience better.

To save you time and money, aim your marketing toward the people that are the most likely ones to buy your products and services. Campaign targeting is how to do it. You'll reach the best prospects for your business and make the best use of your advertising budget in the process. Microsoft Advertising targeting features allow you to hone in on your preference of geography, day of week, time of day, gender and age, device types and more. Precise targeting like this helps you reach your target customers when they’re already searching and primed to buy.


Solutions for budgets big and small

Paid search advertising puts you in control of when, where and how your ads display. The highly flexible PPC model used by most search advertising platforms lets you set your budget limits and determine how much you’re willing to pay to gain the attention and clicks from potential customers. Pay only when someone is interested in what your ad promotes — based on factors predetermined by you. Never waste another advertising dollar.

An affordable solution for budgets of any size, Microsoft Advertising gives small business owners the power to control, monitor and improve the value of their advertising dollars.

More data for better insights

Paid search helps you make critical decisions about your marketing and business by making it easy to see which ads resonate best with your target audience. Test the waters with new products, offers or discounts, and then quickly see insights into their performance and demand so you can adjust your spend and reach your business goals more efficiently.

Shorten your learning curve by tapping into real-time data compiled from 9 million unique desktop searchers on the Microsoft Search Network. We've made big data small so you can easily follow emerging trends in your industry and see what's most popular with the Microsoft Search Network audience.


Get started with Microsoft Advertising

The Microsoft Search Network reaches 18.1% of the Australian search market. Reach more of the customers your small business needs by advertising on the Microsoft Search Network.